September 2024 Energy Market Intel Webinar

Please join us on Wednesday, September 11th, at 2 p.m. ET, where we provide updates on factors affecting energy prices, such as weather, gas storage and production, and domestic and global economic conditions. Don't miss out on this chance to ask or hear energy questions from businesses like yours.

This month's webinar will include:

  • The most up-to-date forecast from Constellation’s meteorology team
  • Notable developments and insights on the economy
  • A check in on the status of natural gas storage, and current supply and demand fundamentals
  • An assessment of important changes in the regional power markets and their impact on prices

Hear what our attendees have to say
about the webinar…

“Still the best information provided by any retail electricity supplier in the market.”
“Thank you for being such a valuable resource of past, current and future energy information.”
“I really enjoy listening to the experts who cover all aspects of the market.”
“Great webinar. Fantastic charts and lots of good insight.”

“Once again, your team did an amazing job in providing information on key influences on the current and future energy market...from weather, to politics and policies, and everything in between. Thanks for keeping it light too.”


“Keep up the excellent work! Your team works very well together as a group of very well-informed energy experts in our industry.”


“These monthly webinars are a significant resource for our team, and the insights of your experts is invaluable. Thanks for keeping us so well informed.”

“Of the five or so energy webinars I regularly watch, yours is consistently top tier.”