November 2019 Energy Market Intel Webinar

Please join us on Wednesday, November 20th, at 2 p.m. ET, where we will examine preliminary winter weather drivers and the impact on winter weather. We will continue to monitor growth in gas production as well as demand drivers for natural gas and power markets. 

This month, we will discuss:

  • Winter 2020 Forecast Update: Our meteorologist will examine the recent record-breaking cold shots in early November and discuss what conditions could set up for a repeat over the course of this coming winter.
  • Short-Term Market Fundamentals: We will highlight recent producer quarterly earnings reports that could lend insight into 2020 production. Storage stands at 3.7 Tcf; where will storage levels stand at the end of March?
  • Key Demand Drivers Update: We will discuss any changes to either new or existing pipelines and liquefied natural gas export projects currently in development.

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