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April 2020 Energy Market Intel Webinar

Please join us on Wednesday, April 22nd, at 2 p.m. ET, where we provide updates on factors affecting energy prices, such as weather, gas storage and production, and domestic and global economic conditions. Don't miss out on this chance to ask or hear energy questions from businesses like yours. 

This month, we will discuss:

The coronavirus:

  • Current economic conditions in light of the impact of COVID-19

Weather trends:

  • Gas production and levels of underground storage in light of both 1). weather (3rd warmest [Dec-Feb] since 1950) and 2.) the impact of the economic disruption of COVID-19 on gas and power generation demand
  • Summer 2020 weather preview

Hear what our attendees have to say
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“Still the best information provided by any retail electricity supplier in the market”
Pat, Principal Consultant and Founder,
Energy Consulting Company
“Thank you for being such a valuable resource of past, current and future energy information.”
Joe, President,
Energy Consulting Company