2021 October Fortunato & Friends

Please join us on Tuesday, October 5th, at 2 p.m. ET for Fortunato & Friends, a webcast series featuring Exelon Chief Economist Ed Fortunato and a special guest each month.

This webcast features a discussion with Jan Stuart, Global Energy Economist and Tom Marchetti, Global Energy Strategist on the following topic:

  • Where do we go from here in energy?


Jan StuartJan Stuart
Global Energy Economist

Johannes (Jan) Stuart leads the new energy-macro team at Cornerstone Macro. A self-described oil-geek, Jan and his team take a micro-fundamentals approach to energy analysis and forecasting – which frequently lands them away from consensus. Before joining Cornerstone, Jan spent 11 years in sell-side research, building leading energy-macro franchises at Credit Suisse, Macquarie and UBS. He was a journalist for much of the nineties and started his career at the International Energy Agency in Paris.

Jan earned a BA in International Affairs from the American University in Paris; an MA in the same field from Boston University; and an MSc in Journalism from Columbia University in New York.


Tom Marchetti
Global Energy Strategist

Thomas Marchetti is the Global Energy Strategist for the Cornerstone Marco Energy team. He has a longer tenure working with research teams, institutional investors, corporate executives, policy interests and capital markets at investment banks. His experience includes roles as President of Energy Intelligence, Global Energy Strategist and Managing Director at Credit Suisse and Jefferies, portfolio manager with Lehman Brothers Equity Management and Jefferies Asset Management for equities and commodities. He worked as Chief Financial Officer of Raimund Commodities, Financial Analyst at J. Aron Commodities Division of Goldman Sachs and specialized in the finance industry while at KPMG Peat Marwick. He graduated from Bucknell University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Accounting and Finance. He earned his Certified Public Accountant (CPA), US Sustainable Investment Forum (US-SIF), and formerly a Member of the Board of Directors of the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA).